Practical tips for landlords for a trouble-free North London end of tenancy handover

As landlords, it is important to do your best to select the best tenants. However, at the end of a North London tenancy, the stress of the entire experience can take a toll on both tenants and landlords. The only way that you can ensure that your North London end of tenancy handover goes smoothly is by planning and organizing yourself as much as you can so as to take the stress out of the experience. By planning and giving yourself enough time or sort everything out, it is entirely possible to experience a pain-freeNorth London end of tenancy handover. Here are some practical tips to help:

Be sure to arrange an inspection ahead of time

Arranging a joint inspection of the space with your tenant is important as it will allow all parties involved to agree on the damage that needs fixing or the areas that need to be cleaned. Consider taking a checklist with you so that you can supply the tenant with this information- the checklist will ensure that the tenant returns your property in an acceptable condition. If you had created an inventory at the start of the tenancy, be sure to carry it along with you during the inspection.

Provide information about the cleaning that needs to be done

It is worth reminding the tenant about their duties and responsibilities when it comes to North London end of tenancy cleaning. The more attention that is paid to the end of tenancy cleaning, the less likely it is that there will be any problems or misunderstandings about the expectations. It is advisable to confirm everything that is agreed upon in writing. You should also do a follow up as soon as possible to fix anything that requires fixing before the tenant moves out.

Read the meter

If the utility accounts are in the name of the tenant, then as the landlord, you should make sure that all the bills are paid and accounts are settled before the next tenant can move into the premises. If there are any issues with the utility bills, liaise with the right suppliers about issuing the final bills before handover can occur.

Final handover

The final stage involves the handover of the keys. If the tenant fails to hand overthe property in the expected condition stipulated by the tenancy agreement, then you maybe entitledto make an end of tenancy cleaning charge against the deposit.